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  • 10 June 2024

    Vorteile sequentieller Designs in Bioäquivalenzstudien

    Entdecken Sie die Leistungsfähigkeit sequentieller Designs für Bioäquivalenzstudien, einem entscheidenden Schritt in der Entwicklung von Generika: Ihre praktische Umsetzung, statistische Analyse und das Wohlbefinden der Freiwilligen.

  • 14 May 2024

    A new partnership with Reference Analytics GmbH

    The Conscio Group is expanding its range of services in Austria by acquiring Reference Analytics GmbH.

  • 4 December 2023

    Our new clinical unit in Ostrava (CZ) comes to life

    It's a great pleasure to announce that after two years of hard work, the brand-new clinical unit in Ostrava (CZ) with 36-beds capacity has been opened.

  • 18 July 2023

    Challenges of a large-scale study of breast cancer

    Our bioanalytical experts and a high-profile client team up for the development of a new breast cancer treatment.

  • 4 July 2023

    Microbiology and Batch Testing: Bridging Across Sectors

    Discover LVA GmbH and EL Labs s.r.o., the only Conscio Group subsidiaries at the intersection of our Pharma and Nutrition end-to-end solutions.

  • 28 June 2023

    EL Labs: Celebrating 30 Years of Analytical Milestones

    Join Ján Šteso, CEO of EL Labs, as we celebrate our team's dedication, challenges overcome, and key milestones in EL's evolution.

  • 22 June 2023

    Quinta Analytica Partners with EvidentIQ to Enhance Efficiency of Phase 1 Studies

    EvidentIQ partners with Quinta-Analytica to enhance Phase 1 study efficiency

  • 15 June 2023

    Novavax & Conscio: Behind the Scenes of Vaccine Development

    Discover how the Conscio Group and renowned vaccine manufacturer Novavax collaborate behind the scenes to ensure quality and efficiency in vaccine production.

  • 6 June 2023

    Ekolab and Conscio Group join forces

    Ekolab joins the Conscio Group, enhancing our analytical capabilities and solidifying our position in pharmaceutical, nutrition, and technology solutions.

  • 31 May 2023

    Clinical Tips – Drug Interactions In Advanced Clinical Trial Design

    Drug interactions play a key role in the design of clinical trials. Learn how we investigate such interactions when conducting pharmacokinetic/bioequivalence studies and while offering end-to-end support throughout the process.