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We have been fully certified top-class service providers to the global pharmaceutical industry for more than twenty-five years. The Conscio Group Pharmaceutical segment consists of companies with specialized areas of expertise and focus.

Czech Republic

Pharmaceutical analysis, bioanalytical testing, R&D, clinical studies, and more.

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Formulation, development and manufacturing solutions, from idea to production.

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Pharmaceutical batch release testing, QC analyses, environmental chemistry, and more.

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Solutions for food, feed, environment, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics customers.

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Pharmaceutical Analyses

Validation of analytical methods, quality control, stability studies, batch release and more. The Pharmaceutical analysis department provides analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the quality control area. The activities are conducted under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and according to valid ICH guidelines.

Clinical Testing

We provide comprehensive services within clinical trials (Phase I). Clinical trials include the actual clinical part of a study followed by bioanalytical, pharmacokinetic and statistical evaluation. We specialise in bioequivalence studies (BE), but we are, of course, able to conduct various types of pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic studies according to the customer requirements.

Bioanalytical Testing

Analytical services for pre-clinical studies up through Phase III, including statistical evaluation. Comprising of world-class experts, our team has completed more than 600 bio-studies for pharmaceutical companies, across Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia.

Analytical R&D

Development of analytical methods, impurities research, degradation studies, trace analyses and more. Using our analytical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment we support clients during their drug development and registration stages following the latest trends in analytical chemistry.

Biopharma Analyses

We provide complex analytical services for large molecules, including validation of bioanalytical methods in the GxP environment and method transfer. In addition we offer analytical support to pre-clinical/clinical studies with high molecular weight drugs including the statistical evaluation of pharmaceutical parameters and bioequivalence.

Pharmaceutical Testing

This includes pharmaceutical testing, quality control, and stability testing. We’re also registered and audited by the US FDA, and a holder of the Certificate of GMP Compliance for quality control of Veterinary Medicines in Slovakia.

Accredited Activities

Testing includes chemical, molecular, biological, ecotoxicological and more. Analyses include solids, liquids, waste, cosmetics, food, common items and much more. Sampling includes waters, wastes, soils, fertilizers and more.

Reagent Apparatus

The reagent apparatus checks the raw materials used to prepare medicinal preparations. We can supply reagents and substances for the expansion and renewal of the basic reagent apparatus according to the needs of the pharmacy.

Ecology Assessment

We lead projects to assess the state of the environment and its individual components, conduct activities in the field of waste management, and complete laboratory tests and analyses necessary for the implementation of ecological work.


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Take a look at our solutions, with services ranging from pharmaceutical analysis and clinical trials, through bioanalytical testing and environmental studies.

Conscio Pharma

Pharmaceutical analysis, bioanalytical testing, R&D, clinical studies, batch release testing, and much more.

Conscio Nutrition

Chemical-analytical, microscopic and microbiological examination, as well as sensory assessment of food, cosmetics, everyday objects, and support in the interpretation of the results.

Conscio Technologies

Innovative methods for detection of contamination in water, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical raw materials or on surfaces.

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