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Conscio Technologies provides Hygiene Monitoring solutions to the Food, Pharma and Hospitality industry for on-site microbiological surveillance. We pair advanced biology, digitization and ease-of-use for critical decision making in our customer facilities.


HyServe distributes products of leading manufacturers in the field of hygiene monitoring and food safety. With patented technology and products our customers enjoy benefits for improved product quality in many sectors and industries. HyServe offers the utmost safety, maximum reliability, and excellent sensitivity.

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Food Industry Hygiene

The responsibility for good and consistent hygienic conditions is essential for food producers. With the help of ATP tests from HyServe, a holistic approach to hygiene management in accordance with HACCP can be realized and implemented in a user-friendly manner.

Hotels and Gastronomy

HyServe’s products are particularly suitable for ensuring that hygiene is maintained at the highest level in accordance with the guidelines of local health authorities. Checking and documenting the hygiene status in health and care facilities becomes user-friendly and the obligation of an integrated hygiene monitoring system can be easily fulfilled.

Healthcare Sector Hygiene

Hotels and restaurants are subject to strict legal regulations and require effective, efficient concepts for monitoring and documenting hygiene. Hygiene concepts have also been essential in making travelers feel safe and comfortable. HyServe offers user-friendly and easy-to-implement solutions for this purpose.

Water Quality

HyServe provides suitable analysis methods for the examination of drinking water and process water in various industries. Water hygiene tests are mandatory and include testing water samples for microbial contamination.

Hygiene Monitoring

The Covid-19 hygiene concept includes important steps to ensure safe and holistic hygiene monitoring to reduce infection risks as much as possible. HyServe offers companies, healthcare facilities, and schools, solutions for hygiene analysis and documentation.


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Take a look at our solutions, with services ranging from pharmaceutical analysis and clinical trials, through bioanalytical testing and environmental studies.

Conscio Pharma

Pharmaceutical analysis, bioanalytical testing, R&D, clinical studies, batch release testing, and much more.

Conscio Nutrition

Chemical-analytical, microscopic and microbiological examination, as well as sensory assessment of food, cosmetics, everyday objects, and support in the interpretation of the results.

Conscio Technologies

Innovative methods for detection of contamination in water, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical raw materials or on surfaces.

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