A new clinical unit of our network company QUINTA – ANALYTICA was officially opened in the city center of Ostrava (CZ).

The opening ceremony was attended by the Conscio´s management, representatives of the city, deputies of hospitals of Ostrava, and health care experts. In addition to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and a tour of the new facility, the opening ceremony included a discussion among our guests on the topic of clinical trial preparation and the shortage of certain medicines in the Czech Republic.

The clinical unit in Ostrava is intended for clinical trials with healthy volunteers, which will lead to improved availability of medicines for the general public. Clinical trials will be carried out in Ostrava in a similar way to those conducted in the QUINTA-ANALYTICA clinic in Prague for the last two decades.

Roman Grunt, CEO of QUINTA-ANALYTICA said:

After searching for a suitable location, Ostrava was the best choice for us. We are convinced that the region has the necessary qualified professionals who can not only ensure the operation of the new unit, but also provide first-class professional services our global clients require.”

As part of its collaboration with the City Hospital Ostrava (MNO), the company made a financial donation in the amount of CZK 50,000 (EUR 2 000) to fully equip the waiting room of the Pediatric Department and purchase 3D virtual reality glasses that are used for invasive or traumatic procedures of pediatric patients.

Conscio Group CEO, Stephan Holl, expressed his delight at the growing interest in clinical trials, leading to the opening of another clinical unit in the Czech Republic. He adds:

This is another step in our commitment to secure quality science for a healthy future. My best wishes to the clinic for the success of its important work!


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